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About Millenium Gardens

Located on over ten acres of elegant landscape, Millennium Gardens sits on top of Buddo hill, occupying the most prestigious piece of real estate on the hillside behind Kings College Buddo. The gardens have the advantage of being out of the town centre and hence provide the true feeling of a get-away while at the same time the site is easily accessible from town. Upon entry, you are immediately greeted by the glorious green trees and shrubs; and as you move up the hill on the imposing driveway there is a distinctive sense that you are somewhere different.

The site is diverse and colourful yet peaceful and serene. Nature provides the perfect sound-track as the birds sing a chorus and the wind whistles through the tree leaves. It is quite easy to forget your hectic city routine as you begin to feel at ease in the inviting comfort.

A little History

Over 80 years ago, the area that became Millennium Gardens was part of the estate of Mika Makamba Sematimba that stretched as far as Kisozi, Kitemu and part of Kings’ College Budo. He was a prominent man in the kingdom of Buganda and the first Ugandan to own a Bible, build his own church and travel to the United Kingdom .

At the time of his death, Nuwa Sematimba inherited this land and in 1986, Mr.G.W. Kabugo acquired this property from him and purchased some more land to expand the site. It was an abandoned, desolate, rock-strewn site that looked more like a wild bush than the charming sanctuary it is now. However, Mr.Kabugo, a keen gardener and landscaper, drawing inspiration and insight from his travels abroad, set about transforming this bleak setting into the lavish gardens we are enjoying now.

Many of the trees, shrubs and flowers gracing the scenery here today were personally planted and tended by him with his sons, infact a lot of what you see is almost like he left it when he died in 2001. And now, one man’s vision and a family’s dream have inspired these remarkable gardens.